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Friends, Survivors’ Haven has been quiet for a while now…partially because much has been shifting in my own life (more on that in another post). But one development promises to be deeply transformational: author/humorist Michele Wojciechowski and I are co-producing the Baltimore 2019 show of This Is My Brave.

What is This Is My Brave? First, it’s a five-year-old organization dedicated to breaking down the stigma of mental illness, through theatrical productions in which successful community members stand up to share their journeys with mental health challenges. And second, it is each one of those shows – 20 across the nation last year. There are plans for a This Is My Brave podcast and a college pilot program is currently in development. In short – this is becoming a movement.

This Is My Brave had its beginnings in an anonymous blog by then-corporate recruiter Jennifer Marshall (named a Washingtonian of the Year in 2018) as she struggled to come to terms with her bipolar disorder. As with many survivors of mental illness, the writing not only helped her, but became an inspiration to others, and Marshall founded TIMB as a nonprofit in 2014.

Together with a growing number of other organizations and networks, TIMB is part of a movement for, and by, and about survivors, and the wisdom we have gained through our journeys.

I chose to co-produce Baltimore’s 2019 TIMB after attending last year’s production: the stories of the cast spoke powerfully to me of the determination and everyday heroism in healing, in growing in consciousness, and in affirming and embracing life from its depths to its heights.

This year’s show is Baltimore’s second TIMB, with a cast including successful authors, poets, actors, mental health advocates, healers, and technical professionals, all of whom have fought hell and high water to get where they are: alive and cherishing life. Yes, they’re successful in many fields – but this is the gift that connects the group at the core. Their journeys traverse the distance from horrifying to transcendent; their spirits are indomitable.

This is a show you can’t miss. Join us, April 6, 2019, at Notre Dame of Maryland University’s beautiful LeClerc Auditorium! Get your tickets here.

And watch last year’s production here: