Who Are the Survivors?

In these days of conflict, hatred, injustice, and environmental assault, it can be a struggle to continue affirming the worth of our voices and lives and work and values.

And to do so, to continue affirming the value of Life itself, and the value of our own life even in the darkest storm, is a victory.

If we’re stubborn, determined, resourceful, and lucky…if we’ve amassed a well-stocked psychological toolbox…if we have family, friends, therapists or other healers supporting us…we weather the storms.

And every crisis overcome can add a new tool, a new perspective, a new practice, new wisdom to our story.

Michael Meade wrote: “Something deep in the human soul awakens as things fall apart. Something in the soul knows that everything in this world can become lost. And something in the soul knows how to survive periods of devastation, disorientation and loss.”

On this site, we gather to share the tools, the practices, the wisdom that keep us alive. That “something in your soul” is recognized and welcomed and honored here.

This site is dedicated to sharing the stories and the resources and the practices we all use to survive….and affirming each of us in the struggle, however it takes shape in our lives.

I invite you to join us in sharing your story here.