Quotes on the Divine Feminine

The Goddess can be seen as the symbol, the normative image of immanence. She represents the divine embodied in nature, in human beings, in the flesh. The Goddess is not one image but many – a constellation of forms and associations – earth, air, fire, water, moon and star, sun, flower and seed, willow and apple, black, red, white, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. She includes the male in her aspects: He becomes child and Consort, stag and bull, grain and reaper, light and dark. Yet the femaleness of the Goddess is primary not to denigrate the male, but because it represents bringing life into the world, valuing the world. The Goddess, the Mother, as symbol of that value, tells us that the world itself is the content of the world, its true value, its heart, and its soul…..

Dreaming the Dark
There is something
that contains everything.
Before heaven and earth
it is.
Oh, it is still, unbodied,
all on its own, unchanging,
So it can act as the mother
of all things.
Not knowing its real name,
we only call it the Way.
If it must be named,
let its name be Great.
Greatness means going on,
going on means going far,
and going far means turning back.
So they say: “The Way is great,
heaven is great,
earth is great,
and humankind is great;
four greatnesses in the world,
and humanity is one of them.”
People follow earth,
earth follows heaven,
heaven follows the Way,
the Way follows what is.
~~Lao Tsu, Tao te Ching,
Translated by Ursula K. Leguin.

Mary is also God: unacknowledged, female, and dark. She is the Mother God. God, as I am using the term, is both what we describe as female and male, both dark and light, and neither male nor female, nor dark nor light, nor any other term that we can use. God the Mother is just as real and present today as any other human conception of a power which no human term can fully describe. ~~China Galland,
Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna



“i found god in myself
and i loved her
i loved her fiercely”

Ntozake Shange

The earth is at the same time mother,
She is mother of all that is natural,
mother of all that is human.
She is the mother of all,
for contained in her
are the seeds of all.
~~ Hildegard of Bingen

Old Woman is watching, watching over you.
In the darkness of the storm she is watching.
She is weaving, mending, gathering the fragments.
She is watching over you.

Old Woman is weaving, gathering the threads.
Her bones become the loom she is weaving.
She is watching, weaving, gathering the colors.
She is watching over you.

For years I’ve been watching, waiting for Old Woman

Feeling lost and so alone, I’ve been watching.
Now I find her, weaving, gathering the colors.
Now I find her in myself

Chorus: So weave and mend, weave and mend.
Gather the fragments safe within the sacred circle.
s, weave and mend, weave and mend.
Old woman, weave and mend.
~~ Anne Cameron, Daughters of Copper Woman
Recorded by EarthSpirit Community on This Winter’s Night


The Moon Goddess, in her bright phase, was a giver of life and all that promoted fertility. In her dark phase she was the wielder of the destructive powers of nature. Viewed from a modern, rational standpoint, a diety can either be friendly or malicious, but cannot be both. But to the worshipers of the Moon Goddess, there was no contradiction in her dual nature. Both her light and dark sides, creation and destruction, were understood to be essential aspects of life processes.
The reproductive cycle of the universal Lunar Mother, as she turned from new to full to dark. mirrored the progressive phases of the birth, growth, death, and renewal of all life forms. As the Great Mother, the moon came to symbolize the great mystery of life and death; she was the fertile matrix out of which all life is born and into which all life is reabsorbed. Every living thing resonated to her instinctual rhythm of emergence, fulfillment, and completion.
~~Demetra George, Mysteries of the Dark Moon


Lunacy Game

What if instead of drugging, shocking, tying down our Mad Women, we put Them in warm tubs of water naked as babies and got in there with Them and cooed and encouraged Them to cry great salt tears, to grieve the passing of dreams, the rape of the soul? What if we rocked Them to sleep in giant hammocks of competent fat arms when They were too damn exhausted with keeping up pretenses or holding up Their heads any longer? What if we agreed with Her that the whole world is fucking crazy, out of balance, and that SHE is not to blame for the halt and the lame, the lack of food, the phone not being answered, the port wine stains on babies, the wars on every continent of the globe?
What if we gave Her a baseball bat (none of this nerf shit impotent harm none foam battaca bat bullshit, but a solid wood bone-cracking put a goddamn lump on it BASE FUCKING BALL BAT) and let her slam every post stump wall door window house car in an arena where She is cheered on to a frenzy? Then let’s pick Her up when she falls down exhausted and foaming and take Her down to the locker room for a steam bath and massage that leave her noodle limp and rage-less for the first time in decades.”

~~Dina Kerik, quoted in We’Moon Calendar, 1997