This is a growing list – please suggest the websites and pages that support you in the Comments below!

An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A mindfulness-based approach – Finding meaning and purpose in life by identifying and committing to your values. offers invaluable information on health conditions and treatments; they offer a lengthy page on depression and its symptoms, causes, affects, and natural and pharmaceutical treatments.

Post-traumatic Growth – PTSD need not be a life sentence; you can emerge wiser and stronger.  – a truly remarkable program integrating a wide variety of mind-body therapies (nutrition, somatic experiencing, energy healing, trauma-informed yoga, to name just a few) in courses on healing trauma.

Six-Step Model of Nature-Based Therapy Process – a study in the National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health on the effectiveness of connection with nature as a healing factor in physical and psychological therapy.

What Is EcoPsychology – Principles and practices that explain why going outside and consciously connecting with nature makes you feel better.

The Younique Foundation – committed to helping women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents.

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