Share Your Story

Do you have a story to tell, a personal turning point or insight to share?  Do you want to help others by sharing your experience and the lessons you’ve learned? You are invited to post your creative writing about how you are navigating the journey of your life….
  • Overcoming illness
  • Facing and overcoming addiction
  • Walking away from physical or psychological abuse
  • Holding your voice and power in the face of silencing
  • Finding productive, soul-affirming solutions when escape is not possible
  • Standing in the face of deadly force in peaceful protests
  • Moving beyond the temptation of self-destruction

The focus here is on a turning point – the first, second, umpteenth moment of choosing life, hope, and purpose. This doesn’t mean that your life is perfect or that you’ll never again stand curling your toes on the drop edge of yonder. The Destroyer returns to us all again and again, whether inwardly or outwardly – as the ancient eventide chant reminds us, “our adversary stalketh about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”  It is up to us to resist, steadfastly.

I invite you, if you share your story, to explore a core question: what previously-undiscovered value have you found in Life – your own life, the life of the world, the lives of beloveds – that supports you when the destroyer returns?

Your unique answer – not a reflexive happy-happy-perky-positive-pod-person answer of “never a negative thought” or somesuch – arises out of your bones and blood and guts, your DNA, the wisdom of your ancestors, your Divine connection.

And by each of us sharing our journey, our hard-won answers, we sustain ourselves and one another.

There are several ways of sharing your story, and your answers:

  • As a guest post, written by you using the forms here
  • As a video blog post, recorded by you and sent to me
  • Through an interview and article, requested by you and written by me

Questions? Ideas? Technical challenges? Email me….I look forward to hearing from you!