What is Survivors’ Haven?

A place to be recognized in your struggles by others who “get it”.

A place to be affirmed: You/I/We are not alone in the struggle.

A place to be supported as you affirm the value of your life and all you hold dear. Again. And Again.

A place to be supported as you move through pain into compassion and strength.

This site is a vote against despair and terror, uncertainty, grief and outrage at the headlines of the day.

It is a vote for the possibility of facing, recognizing, and consciously deflecting the force(s) that would destroy us, until we can move forward, toward the Light. Not once, but again and again.

Is it Divine protection – the inner voice of our Higher Self – the soul’s predilection for healing – the wise animal drive for survival – who knows? We make the choice for Life against the many faces of the destroyer, inward and outward. Whether in our minds or our bodies, our households, our streets, or our world, we say Enough, and do what is needed to choose life.

Note: This site is not meant to be a substitute for real-time, qualified mental health care or spiritual guidance.  It is intended as a nurturing community of humans sharing the struggle of remaining human – conscious, thinking and feeling – in an increasingly inhumane society. For a variety of mental health support resources, please see Resources.