Your Profile, Your Story

Are you aching to share your experience? I invite you to explore a core question: what have you found in your own life, the lives of your loved ones, the life of the natural world – that supports you when the destroyer returns?

Your unique answer – not a reflexive happy-happy-perky-positive slogan – arises out of your deepest being, the wisdom of your ancestors, your Divine connection.

Some Guidelines for Contributors:

  • Keep it concise, roughly 500 words or so (+/- 100 )
  • Narrative, poetry, audio or imagery are all options – be creative!
  • Focus on the big picture, your turning point and the learning; stay away from the he-said/she said of the situation, if possible (if you need to vent first, write about it in your journal until you start to see the deeper pattern).
  • Make your story universal by focusing on the inner experience; how did you feel? What was arising in you, and how did you shift it?
  • This is about the empowerment you have gained through your struggle. It isn’t about how you became forever enlightened, but about how something shifted, how you gained a coping tool.

Nobody expects you to provide the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything! The gifts we’re sharing here are the gold nuggets we’ve gleaned from our experiences and struggle. Some small, some large – but each discovery each one of us makes may help someone else.

Did you receive an intuitive insight when you went walking in the park, or meditated under a tree? Did you discover that by breathing slowly and deeply, you could slow the hammering of your heart?

Share your AHA moments!

At the moment we’re having some technical challenges – to share your contribution, please send it to me here, and I will post it along with your name and brief (~50-100-word) bio. Thank you!